Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Quick Infographic About Home Security

Interested in improving your home's security? Well, then this interesting infographic by the folks at Your Greatest Protection may help you understand the problem better and help you improve your home security. Here's the infographic:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

iPhone 5s hardest to manufacture says Foxconn Executive

Recently tech journalist and bloggers noticed a very interesting change on Apple's online store. Namely, the iPhone 5s model used to take a week or two to ship, but the time has been significantly reduced now to only 3 to 5 business days. The reason behind this is that Foxconn Electronics has allocated a lot more manpower and energy into their iPhone 5s production line and they are now able to ship as many as half a million units every day.

iPhone 5s production Foxconn

Judging by the news from Taiwan the iPhone 5s has officially taken the crown as top priority even in front of other companies. On the other hand, the production of the iPhone 5c has decreased and slowed down. Nonetheless, the news we are focusing on today are the recent statements of a Foxconn executive for the Wall Street Journal which reveal a lot of information about the iPhone production line and about the difficult process behind the manufacturing of the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s and Foxconn: In Numbers

The factory as Zhengzhou has employed around 300,000 workers who are all dedicated to just making the iPhone 5s and various components for other Apple products. That's a giant number and I honestly wasn't expecting to read that 300,000 people are part of the iPhone 5s production line!

The executive also revealed that the company needs 600 workers per production line for the 5s model, while only 500 were needed for the older iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c. This followed by a statement about how the iPhone 5s is rather complicated to manufacture and that it was honestly a fairly difficult challenge for the company at first.

Complex Doesn't Equal Quality, in Fact...

A lot of people then went out to say that the iPhone 5s must be "the best" considering how complex it is to manufacture. However, I really disagree about this and I hope many of you will take my side on this one! The fact that it is hard to make doesn't really tell us much and in all honesty it can only be a bad thing.

The new iPhone 6 needs to be less complex so that it can be faster to manufacture. This means that we will have smaller waiting times and better availability not just in the US, but worldwide!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The iStun is an iPhone-inspired stun gun!

Hey guys, I found a very interesting device a few days ago. Namely, I cam across a very interesting product which is a stun device (stun gun) by Guard Dog Security that is called the iStun smartphone stun gun. This company has (believe it or not) actually patented this idea and created a device that that looks like an Apple smartphone, but is actually a powerful stun gun meant to be used for self-defens. It comes with an array of features such as LED flashlight, a safety switch and powerful 3.8 million stun pad. So, how about we look at the specs and we'll tell you how you can get it for 10% and with free shipping!

Friday, November 15, 2013

iPhone 6 Concept Fun - Make it Rain Colors!

So lately, everyone is being very analytical and serious (including myself) when it comes to the new iPhone 6. Everyone is talking about elegance, style and the latest hardware which is all good, but what happened to... fun? Remember that old commercial where Apple is breaking the wall and those cheerful, colorful iPod commercials? It's not like only serious business people are using the iPhone, in fact a lot of people who are using are more interested in the entertainment aspect of it - gaming, browsing the web, listening to music, enjoying multimedia etc. So, this post will be dedicated to having more fun with the new iPhone 6 and as you can guess from the title, I do want to see more colors!

iPhone 6 colors and design


Let Me Choose the Design

 Apple is known for its brilliant design, but it's time to get to next-gen stuff - letting the user choose the design! For now, this can be limited to just the color of the back body, but it in the future more trinkets and customization options might be a possibility. Honestly, I'd probably still go for either a black of white body, but I find it rather boring and monotonous and perhaps (if given the chance) I would probably go for a different color. I certainly know that the female population would be interested in having more colors as a possibility. In fact, Asia would be a perfect market for this as a recent poll showed that women in Japan and Korea thing that color is quite an important factor as far as design is concerned.

Include Variety in Size - Let Us Choose!


People seem to want a bigger iPhone 6, but then again the fact that (hypothetically) 60% of people want a larger screen doesn't mean the rest need to be left without a say in the matter. I use Android as well, and if the iPhone 6 were to go beyond 4.7 inch I'd completely go for another OS without hesitation. So, let's talk about variety!

Currently, Sony is working a phone called Xperia Z1S where the S stands for "small". This is a 4.3 inch version of their Z1 which is 5.0 inch phablet. Both devices have the same specs and hardware, but their screen is different and the size is obviously not the same. Is is that hard to get the idea guys? Give people the same hardware, but let us choose which model (in regards to size) we want!

iPhone 6 size 

Keep Innovating, Don't Just Follow the Trends 

As soon as curved phones and smartwatches began to be a thing everyone jumped the gun saying that they expect this from Apple as soon as possible. My question is - why? Why do we need to see the same thing but with an Apple logo on it? Is brand loyalty that important? How about expecting something better from the new iPhone 6 - something unique? The curved screen thing doesn't have so many benefits and currently the price of these devices is just silly. Did you hear the Galaxy Round went for a sale at a price of over a $1,000? The LG Flex is more affordable, but still too much if you ask me.

We want the new phone to be different and unique, but we don't want it to give us stuff we already have on the market unless it is done better!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

iPhone 6 Release Date in Q3 2014 with large, curved display

Recently the media has been building hype by constantly telling us how the new iPhone 6 release date is just around the corner and that Apple wants to jump the gun and beat Samsung and LG in the "battle of curves". If you don't know the story, then I recommend you look up a phone my the name of LG G Flex. It is an Android-powered smartphone with a curved body and a "self-healing" back body. You can apply a lot of weight and pressure on it and the device will become flat, only to go back to its curved form. The "self-healing" feature means that it will automatically repair small scratches on the back body using a similar technology that some vehicles are using. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, let me continue!

LG G Flex and iPhone 6
The LG G Flex
This G Flex also comes with amazing hardware specs and it is a true flagship device. It features 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage that comes with included SD card support. Then, there is powerful Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 chipset with a Krait 400 quad-core processor that's running at 2.26 GHz. For the  GPU LG chose Adreno 330 which is currently the latest technology available from Qualcomm when graphics are concerned. You would have to be a horrible fan-boy/girl to say that the LG G Flex doesn't sound amazing.

However, this doesn't mean that everyone needs or wants this latest technological marvel, especially not for the price of a brand new, high-end tablet (with money to spare)! Apple doesn't need a "large curved" screen for their new iPhone 6 unless the consumers really want it. So, do they? There is no reason to expect this nor to feel like it is the most logical response on their end. Yet, the rumors keep popping up and suggesting this stuff, so let's go over through the latest info.

Sapphire Glass & Curved Display


Basically, what the press and the "respected insiders" are saying is pretty much the same as we've been hearing for the past couple of weeks. This if of course that the new iPhone 6 will come out early next year, that it will have a large screen and that there is possibility of using sapphire glass for the displays. The flavor of the month at the moment is "curved display" and media is still spinning the first story, but adding this extra rumor into the mill.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

iPhone 6 to follow the iPad Air Concept?

Now that enough time has past for the euphoria surrounding the iPhone 5S to decay I will be dedicating more time to my iPhone 6 blog and this is just one of the many "possible concepts" posts that you will be seeing! Either way, the story today got me inspired by Apple's new iPad Air design because really love this new tablet. Anyway, I guess we should skip the formalities and just get on with it, I will also be using awesome concept photos made by brilliant artists to support the theories presented in this article so bear that in mind!

iPhone Air concept
"Before we thought about what goes into it, we thought about what you'll get out of it" - iPad Air marketing slogan

Anyway, the idea behind the brand new "iPhone Air" concept isn't anything new. As soon as the iPad Air showed up a lot of people wondered how the new iPhone 6 would look like if it were a lot thinner, lighter and larger in screen size. Another interesting feature that this concept would propose is more focus on edge-to-edge design which isn't something that we would be expecting to see from Apple anytime soon. Honestly, I wouldn't want that either because I know it is bound to have durability issues.

Ciccare Design's new iPhone 6 concept

As I mentioned I will be using some awesome 3D renders in this article and the one that you are currently seeing was done by Ciccare Design. It tries to blend well with the current iPhone 5S style, but makes it larger and tries to approach the iPad a bit more. There is no edge-to-edge display which I am a fan of, but I do have some issues with a render such as this one. The first is the the thickness of the device. It looks alright, but I honestly think that a phone based on the "air" concept should be a bit thinner. The second is the back which looks too generic and the round edges remind me of something that HTC would make and needless to say I am not the biggest fan of it. However, if it works well I have no problem in dealing with it.

iPhone 6 Concept Design

So, once again let's give props to this guy! You can see quite a bit of dedication to detail there even though it is just an early-concept render without much details. The back is actually brushed aluminum which is something that iPad users would certainly appreciate on their new iPhone. The front has an interesting fingerprint sensor shown and it is a bit larger than I think I would have liked it to be. If, for technical reasons, the size cannot be reduced then I understand of course.

Larger iPhone 6 design

There are of course other elements worth mentioning on this model such as the speaker grills and the lightning port on the bottom of the device, and of course, the headphone jack. However, we already take these things for granted and we usually don't give them much attention. The screen isn’t as flamboyant as some of the other concepts that we’ve seen but the size still works well with the overall design.

Improved Fingerprint Sensors and Touch ID

The introduction of Touch ID and the fingerprint sensors really started a whirlwind on the Internet and brought in a lot of media attention. The current scanners and sensors work perfectly fine and like I said the only thing I would hope for is to see them smaller. The real improvements come on the software side because this is what runs the whole thing and it was the only thing that actually proved vulnerable.

iPhone 6 Touch ID

Remember the current layers of the fingerprint sensor are:
  • Laser-cut sapphire crystal
  • Stainless steal detection ring
  • Touch ID sensor
  • Tactile Switch

Larger Screen

In the end this somehow always ends up being the final topic of the day when the iPhone 6 is concerned. Everyone is expecting a larger full HD retina display and it seems that the flavor of the hour is 4.8 inches. I am pleased that people are no longer requesting to see 5.5 inch iPhones, but it is probably only a matter of time before this hysteria strikes again.

Friday, October 25, 2013

LG G Flex Shows How Its Done; Apple Please Take Notes!

LG is currently making a couple of new, powerful devices including the new Google Nexus and the LG G Flex, a smartphone that has a curved screen. Now, I don't really care about this feature/ gimmick/ patent that this company has created, but I am really impressed by the specs and performance of this new device. In general, LG seems to be a completely new/reborn brand which will have a lot more value and reputation as time goes by. In this article we will discus some interesting lessons that Apple could learn from this and possibly use for their own iPhone 6. Of course this isn't some silly LG G Flex vs iPhone 6 battle, but if you like silly stuff follow my blog, there will be a lot of it in the near future.

LG G Flex vs iPhone 6

 So first of all let us talk a bit about LG and their current strategy and position on the market. The company has recently released a Q3 financial report which states that they have made 27% more money than they did last year in Q3 which is a major improvement. They are hopping to make even more by the end of the year. This all sounds amazing, but honestly LG isn't making such a major killing as the figures seem to tell you at first glance. In the Q3 period they shipped a total of 12 million smartphones which earned them a total of $196 million in profit. This doesn't really compare to Apple or Samsung which are the top two manufacturers on the market. However, there is reason to fear that LG is coming their way!

Powerful LG G Flex - A Real Flagship

 Currently, it is still unknown whether or not the G Flex will be just a test device or an actual flagship/product but so far the device and its rumored hardware looks really amazing. The inside configuration of this smartphone is something that Apple should examine closely because this device has beaten every single smartphone on the benchmark test provided by AnTuTu. Have a look at the photo bellow: