Thursday, November 14, 2013

iPhone 6 Release Date in Q3 2014 with large, curved display

Recently the media has been building hype by constantly telling us how the new iPhone 6 release date is just around the corner and that Apple wants to jump the gun and beat Samsung and LG in the "battle of curves". If you don't know the story, then I recommend you look up a phone my the name of LG G Flex. It is an Android-powered smartphone with a curved body and a "self-healing" back body. You can apply a lot of weight and pressure on it and the device will become flat, only to go back to its curved form. The "self-healing" feature means that it will automatically repair small scratches on the back body using a similar technology that some vehicles are using. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, let me continue!

LG G Flex and iPhone 6
The LG G Flex
This G Flex also comes with amazing hardware specs and it is a true flagship device. It features 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage that comes with included SD card support. Then, there is powerful Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 chipset with a Krait 400 quad-core processor that's running at 2.26 GHz. For the  GPU LG chose Adreno 330 which is currently the latest technology available from Qualcomm when graphics are concerned. You would have to be a horrible fan-boy/girl to say that the LG G Flex doesn't sound amazing.

However, this doesn't mean that everyone needs or wants this latest technological marvel, especially not for the price of a brand new, high-end tablet (with money to spare)! Apple doesn't need a "large curved" screen for their new iPhone 6 unless the consumers really want it. So, do they? There is no reason to expect this nor to feel like it is the most logical response on their end. Yet, the rumors keep popping up and suggesting this stuff, so let's go over through the latest info.

Sapphire Glass & Curved Display


Basically, what the press and the "respected insiders" are saying is pretty much the same as we've been hearing for the past couple of weeks. This if of course that the new iPhone 6 will come out early next year, that it will have a large screen and that there is possibility of using sapphire glass for the displays. The flavor of the month at the moment is "curved display" and media is still spinning the first story, but adding this extra rumor into the mill.

Bloomberg, however, has information that is a bit different. They claim that Apple has noticed and analyzed the rise of interest for larger screens and (in particular) the effectiveness of the Galaxy S4 + Note 3 comobo. According to their source, Apple might create a similar duo with a larger and smaller iPhone device that would be based around the iPad Air concept rather than the idea of something such as a curved phone. In addition to this, they claim that the new iPhone 6 release date won't be so early and that the device will come in Q3 2014, something that I would also predict myself.

Also, AppleInsider believes that a 5.0 inch screen is the max that Apple is willing to go, but that even this is highly unlikely. He predicts that 4.5 is the most logical and reasonable screen size for the iPhone 6.

Either way, make sure to follow our news feed to get the latest news about the new iPhone 6, there will be a lot of new stuff in the following weeks.

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