Friday, November 15, 2013

iPhone 6 Concept Fun - Make it Rain Colors!

So lately, everyone is being very analytical and serious (including myself) when it comes to the new iPhone 6. Everyone is talking about elegance, style and the latest hardware which is all good, but what happened to... fun? Remember that old commercial where Apple is breaking the wall and those cheerful, colorful iPod commercials? It's not like only serious business people are using the iPhone, in fact a lot of people who are using are more interested in the entertainment aspect of it - gaming, browsing the web, listening to music, enjoying multimedia etc. So, this post will be dedicated to having more fun with the new iPhone 6 and as you can guess from the title, I do want to see more colors!

iPhone 6 colors and design


Let Me Choose the Design

 Apple is known for its brilliant design, but it's time to get to next-gen stuff - letting the user choose the design! For now, this can be limited to just the color of the back body, but it in the future more trinkets and customization options might be a possibility. Honestly, I'd probably still go for either a black of white body, but I find it rather boring and monotonous and perhaps (if given the chance) I would probably go for a different color. I certainly know that the female population would be interested in having more colors as a possibility. In fact, Asia would be a perfect market for this as a recent poll showed that women in Japan and Korea thing that color is quite an important factor as far as design is concerned.

Include Variety in Size - Let Us Choose!


People seem to want a bigger iPhone 6, but then again the fact that (hypothetically) 60% of people want a larger screen doesn't mean the rest need to be left without a say in the matter. I use Android as well, and if the iPhone 6 were to go beyond 4.7 inch I'd completely go for another OS without hesitation. So, let's talk about variety!

Currently, Sony is working a phone called Xperia Z1S where the S stands for "small". This is a 4.3 inch version of their Z1 which is 5.0 inch phablet. Both devices have the same specs and hardware, but their screen is different and the size is obviously not the same. Is is that hard to get the idea guys? Give people the same hardware, but let us choose which model (in regards to size) we want!

iPhone 6 size 

Keep Innovating, Don't Just Follow the Trends 

As soon as curved phones and smartwatches began to be a thing everyone jumped the gun saying that they expect this from Apple as soon as possible. My question is - why? Why do we need to see the same thing but with an Apple logo on it? Is brand loyalty that important? How about expecting something better from the new iPhone 6 - something unique? The curved screen thing doesn't have so many benefits and currently the price of these devices is just silly. Did you hear the Galaxy Round went for a sale at a price of over a $1,000? The LG Flex is more affordable, but still too much if you ask me.

We want the new phone to be different and unique, but we don't want it to give us stuff we already have on the market unless it is done better!

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