Saturday, November 9, 2013

iPhone 6 to follow the iPad Air Concept?

Now that enough time has past for the euphoria surrounding the iPhone 5S to decay I will be dedicating more time to my iPhone 6 blog and this is just one of the many "possible concepts" posts that you will be seeing! Either way, the story today got me inspired by Apple's new iPad Air design because really love this new tablet. Anyway, I guess we should skip the formalities and just get on with it, I will also be using awesome concept photos made by brilliant artists to support the theories presented in this article so bear that in mind!

iPhone Air concept
"Before we thought about what goes into it, we thought about what you'll get out of it" - iPad Air marketing slogan

Anyway, the idea behind the brand new "iPhone Air" concept isn't anything new. As soon as the iPad Air showed up a lot of people wondered how the new iPhone 6 would look like if it were a lot thinner, lighter and larger in screen size. Another interesting feature that this concept would propose is more focus on edge-to-edge design which isn't something that we would be expecting to see from Apple anytime soon. Honestly, I wouldn't want that either because I know it is bound to have durability issues.

Ciccare Design's new iPhone 6 concept

As I mentioned I will be using some awesome 3D renders in this article and the one that you are currently seeing was done by Ciccare Design. It tries to blend well with the current iPhone 5S style, but makes it larger and tries to approach the iPad a bit more. There is no edge-to-edge display which I am a fan of, but I do have some issues with a render such as this one. The first is the the thickness of the device. It looks alright, but I honestly think that a phone based on the "air" concept should be a bit thinner. The second is the back which looks too generic and the round edges remind me of something that HTC would make and needless to say I am not the biggest fan of it. However, if it works well I have no problem in dealing with it.

iPhone 6 Concept Design

So, once again let's give props to this guy! You can see quite a bit of dedication to detail there even though it is just an early-concept render without much details. The back is actually brushed aluminum which is something that iPad users would certainly appreciate on their new iPhone. The front has an interesting fingerprint sensor shown and it is a bit larger than I think I would have liked it to be. If, for technical reasons, the size cannot be reduced then I understand of course.

Larger iPhone 6 design

There are of course other elements worth mentioning on this model such as the speaker grills and the lightning port on the bottom of the device, and of course, the headphone jack. However, we already take these things for granted and we usually don't give them much attention. The screen isn’t as flamboyant as some of the other concepts that we’ve seen but the size still works well with the overall design.

Improved Fingerprint Sensors and Touch ID

The introduction of Touch ID and the fingerprint sensors really started a whirlwind on the Internet and brought in a lot of media attention. The current scanners and sensors work perfectly fine and like I said the only thing I would hope for is to see them smaller. The real improvements come on the software side because this is what runs the whole thing and it was the only thing that actually proved vulnerable.

iPhone 6 Touch ID

Remember the current layers of the fingerprint sensor are:
  • Laser-cut sapphire crystal
  • Stainless steal detection ring
  • Touch ID sensor
  • Tactile Switch

Larger Screen

In the end this somehow always ends up being the final topic of the day when the iPhone 6 is concerned. Everyone is expecting a larger full HD retina display and it seems that the flavor of the hour is 4.8 inches. I am pleased that people are no longer requesting to see 5.5 inch iPhones, but it is probably only a matter of time before this hysteria strikes again.

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