Friday, October 25, 2013

LG G Flex Shows How Its Done; Apple Please Take Notes!

LG is currently making a couple of new, powerful devices including the new Google Nexus and the LG G Flex, a smartphone that has a curved screen. Now, I don't really care about this feature/ gimmick/ patent that this company has created, but I am really impressed by the specs and performance of this new device. In general, LG seems to be a completely new/reborn brand which will have a lot more value and reputation as time goes by. In this article we will discus some interesting lessons that Apple could learn from this and possibly use for their own iPhone 6. Of course this isn't some silly LG G Flex vs iPhone 6 battle, but if you like silly stuff follow my blog, there will be a lot of it in the near future.

LG G Flex vs iPhone 6

 So first of all let us talk a bit about LG and their current strategy and position on the market. The company has recently released a Q3 financial report which states that they have made 27% more money than they did last year in Q3 which is a major improvement. They are hopping to make even more by the end of the year. This all sounds amazing, but honestly LG isn't making such a major killing as the figures seem to tell you at first glance. In the Q3 period they shipped a total of 12 million smartphones which earned them a total of $196 million in profit. This doesn't really compare to Apple or Samsung which are the top two manufacturers on the market. However, there is reason to fear that LG is coming their way!

Powerful LG G Flex - A Real Flagship

 Currently, it is still unknown whether or not the G Flex will be just a test device or an actual flagship/product but so far the device and its rumored hardware looks really amazing. The inside configuration of this smartphone is something that Apple should examine closely because this device has beaten every single smartphone on the benchmark test provided by AnTuTu. Have a look at the photo bellow:

There are a lot of other tests you could check out as well, but you can just stop here and take my word for it - this phone really rocked the house! That is something I would expect from a flagship, premium device that costs as much as a solid laptop and I hope Apple won't disappoint us with the upcoming iPhone 6. If their new phone turns out to be mediocre even I'm not sure if I will be buying it!

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