Monday, September 16, 2013

What I expect from the iPhone 6

 Now that I've seen the iPhone 5S I will say that it was exactly what I expected and that I will not be trading in my old iPhone 5 for it. Instead, I will be waiting for the iPhone 6 and it is the next phone that I will be adding to my arsenal. So, in this article I will list the specs and features that I expect from the next generation i-device. Anything less than this and I will be a bit disappointing, but my expectations aren't anything too exciting and are actually really realistic.

iPhone 6 concept and features

Display and Screen

 I was a bit skeptic when the new iPhone 5 had a 4-inch screen. However, since I've also been using Android devices (I am a web and mobile developer) a part of me has grown to like a bigger display. While I find a 5 inch (and larger) display very unpractical I would gladly see a 4.5 inch iPhone 6. However, I would certainly dislike anything larger than that. If you want a larger screen than that, get an iPad or something! Seriously!

Improved Camera Optics

 A lot of people criticize Apple for not playing the megapixel game and for offering 8 Mpx on their latest devices. Personally, I never cared for the actual resolution of the photos and this is what I use my digital camera for. Instead, I would like to see the quality of the camera optics improve. Photos in low-light condititions could be better and the new iOS 7 should bring in some powerful new software for the camera app. Higher quality image stabilization is also a feature I look forward to seeing on the new iPhone 6.

Better Battery Life

 I cannot say that the battery life of the iPhone 5 was horrible, but this is a general complaint I have about any smartphone. I just want batteries to get better and for the software to be better optimizedso that it doesn't burn so much power. This is an endless request, but so far Apple has satisfied my wishes.

Better WiFi & NFC

 The new iPhone 6 needs an upgrade to Wi-Fi 802.11ac but Appleis probably waiting for the IEEE to approve the new WiFi specifications later this year. Since the latest MacBook Air has this tech we can be sure that the new iPhone will also follow. As for NFC chips, I personally don't need it but it is one of the features that a flagship such as the iPhone 6 should have.


128 GB?

 I see other blogs and tech portals talking about this but I don't really care much about it. The current 64GB model serves just fine and cloud storage is something I am certainly taking major advantage of. However, an SD card would certainly be really nice, but is highly unlikely.

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