Tuesday, September 17, 2013

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 - Early Concept Analysis

 Here we got folks, it's time for a fresh, original and awesome battle between the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5...yeah, yeah I've heard enough of this already. Recently, I cam across an article that was written in this way on ibTimes and I was quite disappointed to find out that this is what contemporary web journalism has become. While the article starts out nice, it quickly became obvious that this was classic click-bait material that was poorly researched.

 I mean, for heaven's sake, the author of this article wrote that (in this battle of concepts) the Galaxy S5 would have Android Key Lime Pie as its OS. For those that do not know, Key Lime Pie was supposed to be the name of the latest Android OS, but instead it will be called Kit Kat. Based on this fact we can assume that the journalist on this site is at least 3 months behind on his data.

 However, I will give credit to the artist from DeviantArt for this great concept design.

iPhone 6 concept design

 While this certainly looks impressive I would not like the new iPhone to have such a huge screen as I explained in the post about what I expect from the iPhone 6. Anyway, since we are already here and talking about early concepts, let's see what my iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 analysis is like.

 I've had a chance to use all of the phones in the Galaxy S series and I honestly liked the first one more than the others. Yes, the specs have improved dramatically, but my general feeling while using them has declined. I expect that Samsung will continue the trend and there is hardly anything to analyze. You can expect everything to get bigger/better - the screen, the Mpx on the camera, the processor... However, what I would like to see improved a step further is the included software that the Korean giant did very well.

 This is what I expect from the S5 and on the above link you saw what I expect from the iPhone 6, so the question on your mind may be - where's the comparison? Where's the amazing Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 battle you've been scrolling down to see? Well, there isn't, because it would be very stupid for me to write about something like that. When we see the actual devices we will discus them, until then stop buying into rumors and fan-fiction written by sites like IBT, AndroidAuthority and Mac Rumors!

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