Saturday, August 24, 2013

Leaked iPhone 5C Photos

 Press photos of the upcoming budget smartphone from Apple known as iPhone 5C have been leaked according to T3 and their design corresponds to many of the rumors. Aside from this the overall look of the device also fits the cases and accessories that were leaked as well. Is this just an organized promotion or the worst kept Apple secret? Either way, the latest leaked iPhone 5C photos still leave much to be desired.
leaked iPhone 5C photos
Leaked iPhone 5C press photos
 Like several other leaks this one was also provided by Romanian retailers but the details of how they obtained these photos have not been revealed. The iPhone 5C has been in the public eyesight for a long time now and it appears that the release is getting closer as the hype builds up and the rumors swirl.

 The current news on the wire, however, is that this budget phone will not be so affordable and that it will take the iPhone 4S place in the lineup. The general idea is that by mid 2014 Apple will create a series that will look something like this: iPhone 6 > iPhone 5S > iPhone 5 > iPhone 5C. The idea is that they plan to slowly stop the production of older models which means that we will finally be rid of the 30pin connector!

 As far as the price and the release date of the iPhone 5C you can say that there are as many leaked photos as there are pricing options which is obviously quite a lot. The general opinion is that this phone will be aimed towards the market in China where Apple is looking to improve their market share after a devastating drop. The price of the phone can be anywhere in the $399 to the $499 range which obviously means that it will not be such a "budget" device.

iPhone 5C China

 Either way, it seems like the release date for both the 5C and the iPhone 5S will be somewhere in mid September. This is based on expert analysis and leaked rumors that suggest that Foxconn has already received the order and started the production of two brand-new models. However, as there are no possible ways to confirm these rumors we will back away from any further dialog and just wait it out.

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