Wednesday, August 21, 2013

iPhone 6 With a Big Screen Comming in 2014?

 As CNET reports, Citi recently made a note to Apple's investors with some general ideas about where the company is going with their products. The investment bank commented that the iPhone 5C will be a very possible new addition to the family this year and that an iWatch could possibly land in stores by the end of the year. The company has also made some interesting comments regarding the release of the iPhone 6 which are very intriguing to say the least.
iPhone 6 concept photo
iPhone 6 concept design
 So, let us cut right to the iPhone 6 news shall we? According to this source the next generation iPhone 6 release date is likely to be somewhere in the first half of the next year. Aside from using better technology and stronger hardware, this new device should be also quite larger than previous models have been so far. It is a high probability that Apple is looking to expand their offer by providing larger devices, but they are expected to stay true to their previous user base by providing phones that do not exceed the 4-inch display margin.

 Another important note passed on by Citi is that the newly expected iPhone 5C will probably have a $450 retail selling price. Since an average smartphone costs are ~$225 this is rather expensive and it can hardly be considered a low-budget device. However, we all knew that Apple isn't exactly interested in creating a low-budget product, it is more a case of "lower" budget.

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