Friday, July 5, 2013

Impressive iPhone 6 Concept Design

 How will the new iPhone 6 look? At this stage it is honestly anyone's guess, but it is fair to say that we are very interested how the new device will turn out. A lot of designers and concept artists took this opportunity to once again let their creativity do its thing and today I will proudly present you with a lovely iPhone 6 concept design that was recently published to the Internet. The unique design was posted on the popular website for designers - Behance - by the user called Johnny Plaid. Let's have a look at the initial design and have a bit of discussion.

iPhone 6 Concept Design
Classic design!
 This concept design of the new iPhone 6 is rather clean, minimalistic and classic - in the true nature of Apple's style and their iPhone brand. While we must admit that it isn't very innovative, the core style is there and done very well. After all, many users of the iPhone don't really want the next generation to be a radical change. We are quite satisfied with a 4 inch screen and the choice between a classic white or black design.

 However, if you look at the photo closely you will see that the artist did indeed allow himself to innovate on the design. His version of the iPhone 6 is a lot bigger than the previous model and it features the illusive edge-to-edge display. Another key note is that the designer included his own specs of the phone. He says that his concept includes a brand new aluminum carbon fiber unibody enclosure. This changes makes his model almost 40 percent lighter, and 60 percent stronger than the iPhone 5. 

 We should also imagine that his design includes the "Retina 2” display that includes a graphene protective layer. We have actually heard rumors about this feature coming to the next-gen iPhone and it would be great if this prediction were really to come true.

 Anyway, get yourself over to Behance and give the man some love!

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