Sunday, June 23, 2013

Are the iPhone 6 Leaks Real? The Prototype Is Revealed!

 Now, if there is anything I have learned from reading tech blogs that is that rumors and leaks are usually not true, however I have to say that this iPhone 6 leak looks rather interesting. So what is it? Did an “insider” or anonymous source announce something juicy? Not quite, in fact, it is even better! We have several leaked images that are supposed to be the leaked iPhone 6 prototype. However, the devices looks so similar to the latest iPhone 5, that I would rather say that this looks more like a iPhone 5S then a whole new device.

iPhone 6 Leaks
Source: Mac Rumors

 Previous rumors confirmed?

 Rumors from a few weeks ago suggested that the new iPhone will be coming by the end of September to replace the iPhone 5. It appears that the latest Apple flagship has done great, but the sales are slowly dropping. Even Samsung and their Galaxy S4 are having trouble when it comes to keeping up the competition.

 After all, technology is advancing very quickly these days and a phone that has been out for three months is already considered a bit outdated. However, the iPhone 5 is still a bit ahead of the game and thus Apple won’t be needing a new flagship for at least a few months. Thus, one must ask, why are there rumors of a new model already?

 Either way, there is a lot of detail floating around the Internet and the leaked photo above seems to be in-line with these stories. The website Mac Rumors has done a great job at analyzing the photograph posted above. The green boxes indicate the parts which confirm previous stories, while the red boxes are placed around the parts which are unknown.

 The back case of this prototype was leaked as well and here is the photo:

iPhone 5S Prototype
Source: Mac Rumors

 Both of these photographs suggest that the new iPhone (iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?) will finally have the much rumored dual-flash camera. Aside from that it appears that the logic board has been improved which should result in faster performance according to some reporters. However, from what I know about these things, this is something that they cannot conclude from photographs alone and this is just an empty speculation.

 What I find most interesting however, is the CPU unit on the first photograph. The processor has the Apple logo, but it has no markings or numbers. Is this proof of a new generation of processors? I wouldn’t bet on it as the print looks rather old and worn-out to be honest.

 Another interesting thing is located on the second photo in the small red box. The text is supposed to represent the model version and reads “A1214" which is a pattern never before seen on an iPhone. What is that supposed to mean? Well, original iPhone and iPhone 3G bore "A12XX" model numbers and this changed with the iPhone 3GS that carried numbers in the "A13XX" range. This once again chanted with the iPhone 4S that moved into the "A14XX" tier, which continues with the current iPhone 5. This means that “A1214” would be something that a very old iPhone would carry and certainly not the iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 5S. Of course, it could just be dummy text.

 Either way, I am almost 99% sure that this can be labeled as a rumor. However, it looks like a very nice early concept prototype for the iPhone 6 and this is something that makes me rather happy!

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